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20th Annual Awards

Inner City Law Center’s Annual Awards, originally scheduled for June 23, will be held online on October 15, 2020 from 12:30 to 1:15 PM. We invite you to grab a meal, get comfortable in front of your computer, and join us for an inspiring program as we honor Latham & Watkins, LLP and QueensCare.

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News and Success Stories

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ICLC Joins Collective Effort to Prevent Spread of COVID-19 Among Homeless Communities in Los Angeles

Initial Efforts to Support Homeless People are Inadequate and Require Immediate Increase in Resources

Because of the high proportion of seniors and people with pre-existing health conditions, homeless residents of Skid Row and encampments throughout Los Angeles County are more likely to be victims of COVID-19 than housed residents—yet despite some initial efforts in some areas, insufficient public resources have been dedicated to allow them to protect themselves. In light of this, the No Place to Go Working Group is urging the City and County of Los Angeles to work together to …

Eviction Guidance During COVID-19 Pandemic

Evicting people from their homes in the midst of this pandemic is cruel and jeopardizes public health.

The laws concerning eviction during the pandemic are changing every day and vary from city to city. Inner City Law Center is providing up to date information on the most recent actions taken to limit evictions in response to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on tenants.

Most eviction actions are stayed until at least the end of the summer. Inner City Law Center strongly encourages tenants who receive notices from their landlord or a court to promptly contact us or another attorney to ensure that their rights are protected.

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