Success Stories

At Inner City Law Center we are very proud of the quality of our legal representation and advocacy and our ability to achieve excellent results for our clients.  You can see some examples of these excellent results in the following videos:

Here are some additional examples of our successes (most client names have been changed to protect their anonymity).

Healthy Homes

  • The Zambrano family lived in an apartment with rats, cockroaches, leaky plumbing, no heat, and only intermittent water and electricity.  Once while cooking dinner, Ms. Zambrano heard a loud creak above her; she moved out of the way just before her kitchen ceiling caved in. Read more.
  • Ms. Washington is single mother with three children whose landlord had repeatedly ignored orders from City inspector to make her apartment habitable.
    Read more.
  • A routine inspection by the LA Housing Department of Ms. Rosario’s apartment found broken doors, no heat and extensive mold. Read more.
  • Ms. Alvarez and her children were asleep in their beds when their apartment building in Koreatown collapsed. Ms. Alvarez’s bed fell from the second story to the basement. Read more.
  • Four families came to Inner City Law Center because the apartment building where they lived had just been foreclosed upon. The building had serious electric, plumbing and structural problems, as well as cockroach, rat and bedbug infestation. Read more.

Homelessness Prevention

  • On a hot September afternoon in 2015, the Solano family (not their real name) was sitting at home when they received a knock on their door. The unfamiliar visitor introduced himself as the new owner of the building and said, “How much time do you need to move out?” Stunned, the family inquired why they had to move, as they were model tenants who had faithfully paid rent for 26 years. The new landlord said that he was tripling their rent and they had to move. Read more.
  • For over 30 years, Maria (age 71) and Armando (age 91) had been perfect tenants.  They paid their rent on time, maintained their apartment, and never called attention to themselves.  Read more.
  • Ms Johnson was a devoted mother, a case manager at a social services agency, and working towards her college degree when she became tangled in red tape and an avalanche of medical bills.  Read more.
  • Ms. Wilson had over 30 radiation and chemotherapy treatment sessions for her breast cancer.  She fell one month behind in her rent and her landlord filed an eviction lawsuit with a trial date set for three days before Christmas.  Read more.
  • When Ms. Kroger’s son was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, she fell behind on her rent and was in danger of becoming homeless.  Read more.
  • For seven years, the Logan-Tapia family faithfully paid its rent by sending the landlord a cashier’s check.  One month however, the post office lost the check and the landlord threatened to evict the family.  Read more.
  • “Maria de Leon and her husband, Jesus Batista, were on the verge of homelessness when they arrived at the nonprofit Inner City Law Center on skid row.”  Read more about this case that was profiled in the LA Times.
  • Ms. Fernandez is a single mother raising two children in Van Nuys.  When the State Healthy Families Program denied her application for benefits to help pay for her twelve-year old daughter’s diabetes medication, she contacted Inner City Law Center.  Read more.
  • The Arellano family lived peacefully in their down Los Angeles apartment for 13 years.  The family’s problems began with a new owner who, in order to convert the building to condominiums, repeatedly tried to evict all the tenants illegally.  Read more.

Homeless Veterans

  • Eric Velasquez (not his real name) served in the Marine Corps from July 2006 to March 2009. During his time in service, Eric was deployed first to Kuwait for training, and then to Iraq for 7 months. In Kuwait, Eric’s unit was stationed in a city that had been torn apart by war. Eric didn’t realize how much he was affected by what he saw in Kuwait until he got to Iraq and was bombarded with the sounds of explosions on a regular basis. “I saw what the aftermath of war looked like in Kuwait and I was in the middle of it in Iraq,” Eric recalls after losing two fellow Marines to an IED explosion during his combat deployment. Eric’s mental health started deteriorating. He became anxious and was easily angered. Read more.
  • Lana Vail (not her real name), a homeless, disabled veteran, served honorably in the U.S. Army from 2006 – 2010. As a Combat Medic, she provided emergency medical care to injured soldiers and civilians. This exposure to the devastation and human casualty of war took an emotional toll on Lana, causing her to live in a state of constant fear and anxiety.

“While deployed I treated Army soldiers and Iraqis… I tried my best and did what I could for those who were injured, and I feel a deep loss for those who died under my hand or because of injuries they received that were too severe. I don’t regret deploying to Iraq. I learned a lot. I have pain physically and mentally from this specific deployment and would like some help in healing from it all.”

Still, she continued to serve and save lives, earning, among other awards, the Iraq Campaign Medal, National Defense Service Medal and the Combat Medical Badge. Compounding the trauma she experienced on the front lines, Lana was sexually harassed and raped by a fellow soldier. Her psychological distress became so intense, Lana contemplated suicide. Read more.

  • Mr. Thompson served in the Navy on the longest tour of duty of any of the American World War II forces in the South Pacific.  Read more.
  • When Mr. Hinajosa came to Inner City Law Center he was on the brink of homelessness.  Mr. Hinajosa is a veteran who was deployed on several tours in Vietnam.  Read more.
  • Ms. Bell was sexually assaulted by multiple fellow service members while on active duty in 1979.  As a result of the assault, Ms. Bell suffers from severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and experiences debilitation anxiety, depression and nightmares.  She has been homeless for over twelve years.   Read more.
  • After being diagnosed with breast cancer, Ms. Hamilton applied for Social Security Disability Insurance.  When the Social Security Administration denied her claim, she approached Inner City Law Center for help.  Read more.