Inner City Law Center focuses our resources on legal issues related to housing and homelessness. We do not provide assistance with immigration law, family law, criminal law, or bankruptcy law. Unfortunately, even in the areas of housing and homelessness, we do not have sufficient resources to help everyone who contacts us for assistance. If we are unable to assist you, please consider contacting the organizations listed below.

Eviction Defense

 If you have been served a notice to pay rent or quit, notice to quit, or Summons and Complaint for an eviction action (unlawful detainer) with the court, it is essential that you seek immediate assistance. If you are unable to meet with someone from ICLC today, please contact one of the following organizations for assistance:

Immigration (Citizenship, Asylum, Family Petition)

Family Law (Divorce, Custody)

Employment Law

Emergency Rental/Utility Assistance and Bus Tokens

If you need emergency rental assistance, help paying for your utilities, or bus tokens, contact:

  • Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angeles Charities Program. Intake line is (213) 680-5225. In addition to rental and utility bill assistance, they also provide bus tokens.
  • Social Services at Blessed Sacrament, Inc. They also provide bus tokens.