Housing Policy

Since our inception, ICLC has focused on ensuring that families have healthy places to live.  In 1997, ICLC spearheaded the creation of the Blue Ribbon Committee on Slum Housing, which resulted in the Los Angeles Housing Department’s adoption of the Systematic Code Enforcement Program.

Today, ICLC continues to advocate for innovative and effective policy changes that have the potential to dramatically improve our clients’ lives.  We focus our current policy reform efforts in the following areas:

  • Healthy Homes:  ICLC works to strengthen ordinances and policies that promote safe and healthy homes.  ICLC also encourages robust enforcement of existing laws to ensure that slumlords face consequences for failing to maintain their buildings.

  • Homelessness Prevention:  ICLC advocates for improvements to the eviction process that protect families from unjust evictions, thereby helping them stay in their homes.  ICLC also works to protect and expand access to government benefits that allow our clients to maintain safe and healthy homes.

  • Veteran Homelessness:  ICLC advocates for policies that help homeless veterans move and stay off the streets.  ICLC focuses on ensuring that veterans have meaningful access to the health services, disability benefits, and housing to which they are entitled because of their service.

  • Permanent Supportive Housing:  ICLC advocates for policies that expand supportive services for people who are chronically homeless and couple those services with permanent housing.  We support permanent supportive housing by conducting legal analyses of housing barriers and solutions, identifying best practices, making policy recommendations, and negotiating with government agencies.

All of ICLC’s policy work is done in collaboration with others.  We forge partnerships with community coalitions, tenant groups, legal services organizations, pro bono law firms, government agencies, research and educational institutions, elected leaders, and foundations. ICLC is recognized as a leader for innovative and effective housing policy change.

We are particularly proud of the work we have done to bring together the Provider Alliance, an advocacy coalition coordinated by Inner City Law Center. The Provider Alliance is a network of 57 nonprofit organizations that provide services and housing to people experiencing homelessness in the Los Angeles region.

For more information about how you can help with this project please visit our Get Involved page or contact our Director of Pro Bono at Probono@innercitylaw.org. For more information about how Inner City Law Center can help you please visit our Get Help page.