Internship Spotlight: Sonal Patel, Homeful.LA Policy Intern

My name is Sonal Patel and I am a Policy Intern with Homeful.LA. I connected with Homeful.LA looking for opportunities to become involved with homeless and housing advocacy in LA County. I became involved with homelessness while attending UC Berkeley as an undergraduate and seeing people living on the streets. It was incredibly disheartening to watch people stepping over individuals sleeping in storefronts to pick up their morning coffee, and this is why eradicating homelessness is important to me. I spent many early mornings working with a breakfast program that served a hot meal each morning to anyone who was hungry—no questions asked. The people I met inspired me to want to do more.

While not surprising, it has been empowering to see the passion and dedication of Homeful.LA and Inner City Law Center staff and volunteers. To be surrounded by a growing number of people who want to help reduce homelessness only motivates me more and reminds me that we can improve people’s lives and solve the homeless crisis occurring in Los Angeles County. I think as the number of homeless people continues to grow and we see more people living on the streets, we all want to do more and want to find ways to get involved.

The hardest thing about ending homelessness can be the overwhelming feeling one gets sometimes from seeing people living on the streets. It can feel like solving the homelessness crisis is impossible, but people should know it’s not. There are several cities and counties across the US that have found ways to reduce and end homelessness and it requires a concerted effort from LA residents to do so. People interested in volunteering with Homeful.LA should start today. Getting involved, whether through volunteering, advocating or donating, is something we can all do in the fight against homelessness.

To learn more about Homeful.LA and to get involved please email