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Inner City Law Center works to end the crisis of homelessness by providing free legal services to the poorest and most vulnerable residents of Los Angeles. Our lawyers and other professionals fight for decent, safe, secure housing for low-income tenants, working poor families, veterans, immigrants, and people living with disabilities or HIV/AIDS.

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Impact of Litigation Case Reaches U.S. Department of Justice

DOJ files sexual harassment lawsuit against former ICLC slum housing defendant

Inner City Law Center’s slum housing litigation team recently settled a significant case on behalf of children and families forced to live in substandard housing conditions. Building residents suffered from skin infections, rashes, and bites as a result of severe roach, pest, and bed bug infestations. Residents endured safety issues related to trespassing, vandalism, and gang activity. On top of these gross habitability issues, female residents in the building also endured …

Full Benefits Secured for Homeless Disabled Veteran

“I was in such confusion and chaos coming out of the military. My body was screaming.”

Army veteran Dan Riley* had been badly injured twice as a member of an airborne unit in Afghanistan. Mortar, RPG, and small-arms fire were near-daily occurrences. But far worse were the psychological wounds he suffered as a combat medic and first responder…
He treated devastating injuries — from IEDs, gunshots and land mind. On one of the worst days of his life, he responded to the death of a friend who had been shot accidently by a fellow soldier.

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